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Original source for the Spinal Touch by Dr. John Hurley

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The Original Spinal Touch Treatment

The Spinal Touch Treatment name is a trademarked name registered in 1975. Any other sites or clinics promoting the "Spinal Touch Treatment" are using the name without permission.

Dr. La Mar Rosquist's The Spinal Touch Treatment

Dr. La Mar Rosquist brings you the Original Spinal Touch Treatment as taught by Dr. John Hurley also known as Aquarian Age Healing. Dr. Rosquist has given over 500 seminars teaching this work to mostly professionals and massage therapists in the United States, England, Australia, and Japan. Doctors and trained professionals from every branch of the healing arts have attended these classes.

The Spinal Touch Treatment ™ Home Study Course

Spinal Touch Treatment ™ as it is known today, survives as a result of Dr. Rosquist's effort to perpetuate this powerful technique. Learn this technique for yourself in Dr. Rosquists complete Home Study Course. See how healing relates to good posture and proper nutrition. Registered with the Library of Congress.

The Spinal Touch Treatment Encyclopedia
Complete study materials to explore and master The Original Spinal Touch Treament. Dr. Rosquist has taken the Original Methods developed by the late Dr. John Hurley and provided the complete Home Study Course for you to learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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